Such fun today

Today we went with my grandma (MeMe) and my mom to Stuckmeyer’s Farm to pick some pumpkins for my mom’s house. We went on the tractor ride through the farm and saw all of the wood characters and the awesome creek (I am a sucker for a cool view and a creek). Here are the pics:

Mom, MeMe and L – too cute.

Love this one. He is such a stinker but he loved sitting next to MeMe

Outside the Inflatable Haunted House which they both went through, I had to force J but he did it.

Poseable Kids


They really enjoyed the slide, they did that like 10 times each.

What a great day and the weather – it sprinkled a little but it was nice and cool today. Perfect for a fall outing, unlike Saturday.


2 thoughts on “Such fun today

  1. Mutha Mae says:

    We’re going to do this soon and I can’t wait. I just wish the weather would get more fall-like!

  2. Erika says:

    I love that place! We went there every year for our pumpkins.

    We’ve got plenty of ‘fall-like’ weather here (like, year round!), but the Brits don’t seem to do the pumpkin farm thing. Alas.

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