Who doesn’t love the 80s

Who doesn’t love a lazy Saturday afternoon on the couch watching VH1’s I Love the 80s – 3D. We are still watching it at 7:30 pm and we are on 1986. I was 10 and JT was 19.

You are able to relive all of those years and the things we forgot existed. Some of the people on the show are funny but there are some that… aren’t, like Paula Abdul and Alan Thicke. For instance:

There’s more, lots more. Things you thought you forgot about but they are still stored in your head and thanks to VH1 they bring all of it back to the surface. Gotta love it.

Oh yeah one fun fact: Did you know that the song One Night in Bangkok is from a musical named Chess. That song is all about playing Chess. I had no idea. But you gotta love some Murray Head. 🙂


One thought on “Who doesn’t love the 80s

  1. I kinda remember the 80’s (I was born 1980). I remember the outfits and hair my older sisters would have. For me it was all about charm necklaces and wave of bangs, HOT!
    I think we need some pics of you from 1986 🙂

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