Olive Kids Drawer Pulls

I am so behind everything today. That’s what happens when you are tired and don’t feel very good. Anyway I’ve been trying to tell you about this for sometime. I was sent 4 Drawer knobs from Olive Kids. They are super cute and adorable. Here are a couple pictures of the drawer knobs.

They are from the Flowerland line and they are white knobs with yellow backgrounds. On the 4 knobs there is a dragonfly, butterfly, caterpillar and bee. They are adorable and they go perfectly with L’s room decor.


I have always been a fan of Olive Kids, seriously. I love the designs of all of their lines and jumped at the chance to receive something from my favorite line, the Flowerland line, mainly because like I said it matches L’s room perfectly. All of their products are pretty cute. My personal favorite is the Wall Art category. I am a big fan of art on my kids walls and this is one of the first places I would always look. Their growth charts are really cool too.

Here is some background information, straight from the website:   Ten years ago, while we were trying to decorate our daughters room, we discovered there was little, if any, coordinated, affordable kids bedding and room products that were not tied into some TV show or big budget movie. We enjoy these fun movies and characters but didn’t want them to infiltrate the core of our childs room!

      So, we created Olive Kids to offer parents like us, and their kids, an affordable alternative to the character based entertainment licenses. Our emphasis is on color and fun, because we believe kids rooms should inspire creativity and play – not be an advertisement for a TV show or movie. Our kids bedding designs and coordinating room decor have a nostalgic quality yet are fresh and relevant. We aim our design at classic kids themes like transportation, pirates, outer space, tea parties, cowboys and more! We also pride ourselves on attention to detail. Our comforters have outline quilting, our shams have embroidery and soft plush, our cotton sheets have attached ribbon details – all this at a price that is affordable!

I couldn’t agree more with there outlook on decorating so check them out you seriously will not regret it. In fact you will find a bunch of new ways to decorate your kids rooms.


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