6 kids under 5

Nope it’s not the name of my new blog, it’s what my cousin M and I were up against when we decided to get a picture of all the cousins at Build-A-Bear last week. I finally have the pictures.

Take 1 – this may be the best shot and unfortunately it’s blurry.

Take 2 – oops someone’s arm, okay let’s try again. But the youngest is looking, quick take it again, this time everyone stand up.

Take 3 – oh no we lost her, wait we’re missing another one.

Take 4 – another arm blocking a child, we had tons of help and it still wasn’t going well.

Take 5 – hah! that would be cousin M corralling her youngest

Take 6 – we lost the two youngest yet again. They were the least compliant (can you blame them)

Take 7 – well we did the best we could. #1 is the best hands down, blurry or not.

Good lord we had some fun.


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