Urgent Care for 2 Please

Yesterday our plans were all screwed up. We never made it to Grants Farm, we however made sure we made it to the pediatrician for L’s second flu shot. Thank goodness we didn’t go to Grants Farm in the early afternoon L got a low grade fever (thank you flu shot). I gave her some motrin and then she seemed fine. Until she woke up around 1:30 am and was throwing up, she also had this croupy gasp, a headache, a sore throat and a 102 fever. YUCK. So I stayed up with her most of the night while she slept.

Then there’s J. Yesterday he started a tiny cough, no fever but I could tell it was going to get nasty. He woke up at 7:30 am with a croup like cough and was wheezing.

With all of this going on before 8:00 am I was off to call the exchange. The nurse wanted to see J before we even got to L’s symptoms so off we went to Urgent Care. L has a beginning ear infection and just some virus, plus a heart murmur the doctor looks at me and says “you know she has a heart murmur” ah no thanks I didn’t know that, apparently nothing to worry about. Sure okay I’ll start working on not worrying. J doesn’t have croup but some virus as well and yes his airway is constricted so he is on an inhaler exactly like his mom’s… poor guy.

Nothing like Urgent Care on an early Sunday morning. At least it wasn’t a two hour wait in an emergency room to be told they had viruses. We were in and out in an hour. Now L is completely better – no fever, no headache, she’s eating and running around. J is still congested but napping. What a crap weekend. But at least we are all together. That’s all that matters.


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