A Highlighted Weekend

We had a very fun but busy weekend. Here are some highlights:

  • On Saturday we went to Eckerts for good ole family apple picking. It was the first time we had been as a family and the kids really enjoyed it. We went to the Millstadt Family Fun Farm in Illinois. We picked Johnathan, Red Delicious and Golden Delicious. My intentions are good, I plan on making some appley type things ie: pie, muffins, etc. We’ll see if it happens.


  • Sunday I went scrapbooking for the day at Archivers with my friend. We had a blast. There’s nothing like combining two things I love, scrapbooking and shopping. Hee hee. I will save pictures of my layouts for Wednesday’s Hobby Hump Day because otherwise I don’t have anything else.


  • L has hand, foot, mouth disease. Yeah it’s awesome. Her throat is killing her so I am constantly pumping her full of Motrin. The doctor said there isn’t much she can do for her and it should be gone pretty soon. Luckily it’s just in her mouth. But it sure is nasty looking. The kicker: it cost me $25 to find out what I already suspected. Sweet!


  • The Emmys sucked. The poor hosts were awful. The only things I laughed at were Ricky Gervais and Steve Carrell (they should have hosted the Emmy’s) and the Josh Groban theme song performance. Otherwise that was pretty much it.

We now have a busy week ahead too (plus there are a lot of shows premiering this week – yeah). We have school, dance class, haircuts and a speech IEP. Very busy week.

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