True Story

Today L still had a low fever so I kept her home because she wasn’t 24 hours fever free so I took her with me to run some errands (J too). First we hit the bookstore. I LOVE the bookstore. I could spend hours there. But I bought some surprises for my book club members and the Martha Stewart October issue because who doesn’t love some Martha Stewart Halloween crafts. Then onto Target, pretty uneventful, J needed some jeans and I still managed to walk away with my wallet intact. Grocery store next, it sucks when you don’t have your list quite done and just have to buy for the weekend. That drives me insane. I hate being that unorganized. Finally Blockbuster to return our movies before I have to buy them, yeah we do that alot.

At blockbuster I let the kids each pick two movies, I got one for me (Made of Honor) and one for JT (Speed Racer). While checking out J starts the dreaded peepee dance. I ask him if he can hold it until we get home (5 minute drive) and he says Uh huh. So I continue to check out, behind me I hear “Oh Oh, I need to go potty now”. So the nice lady gives me the key and disaster averted or so I think. J precedes to go all over the floor and all over his underpants and shorts. I was sitting right there watching, making sure this didn’t happen and it happened anyway. What the??? So I ball up his underpants in a paper towel, put his wet shorts back on (much to his displeasure) and march him outside. Luckily I had a plastic bag to put under his butt in his carseat. I couldn’t believe it. It’s not like he had an accident. Nope just peed all over himself while in the bathroom. What a “mom” moment. Boys are so much harder.


2 thoughts on “True Story

  1. Steffj89 says:

    LOLOL….sorry some parts of boys are harder…but so much of it is sooooo much easier.,…ive got 2 and 2/3 boys(latest edition due in Dec)….

  2. Mary Jo says:

    It took Evan forever to be toilet trained and now that he’s six I thought those accident days were over. Once in a blue moon, he’s just to busy to stop and go :0P
    I hope L. feels better soon!

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