A Cupcake Luncheon

Every Tuesday my mom and I try to find a cool place to eat or shop here in St. Louis. There’s a great book we use. Check back on Thursday for my TILT and I’ll tell you which one. Anyway today we tried out Jilly’s Cupcake Bar. It’s at the corner of Delmar and 1-70.

They serve breakfast on the weekends and lunch. Plus the cupcakes are out of this world. Our lunch was pretty good. I thought my chicken wrap was delicious and everyone else loved their food as well. They also have an extensive drink menu with smoothies, coffee and hot chocolates.

Okay but the absolute best part were the cupcakes. Oh my god, there were cupcakes you could only dream about. J had the cookie monster (vanilla cake with a chocolate chip cookie, plus it looks like cookie monster), L had Jilly’s on the beach (key lime in the middle), I had the apple pie cupcake (yummy apple pie filling) and my grandmother had the Bananas Foster. They were so stinkin good I have to go back. You can find descriptions of some of their cupcakes on their website.

Here’s a pic of the cupcake bar:

J found a way to eat the icing off of his cupcake without messing up his hands

Here are my grandmother’s and L’s cupcakes


and oh here’s mine…

 yeah I was too busy eating to really worry about taking a picture. Sorry.

They also sell these really cute hats so I bought one for L. She loves her new hat. She’s been wearing it around the house all day.

I definitely recommend you check it out. A couple members of the staff were excellent and super friendly. L spilled her milk on the floor and several of the women were nice and helpful and didn’t make us feel bad about it, although I was on my hands and knees cleaning it up and not let the waitstaff help. But there was one person who was probably having a bad day. We got several eye rolls and a couple of rude comments about kids. But don’t let that thwart you it is very kid friendly and a wonderful place to visit.


2 thoughts on “A Cupcake Luncheon

  1. ofebers says:

    I’ve so been wanting to go there! Was it really expensive?

  2. bigbinder says:

    Next time you are there, could you let them know that there is a HUGE demand for a cupcake place in Grand Rapids, and they should really consider opening a store here? Not that I have actual market data on this demand statement I am making… but how can there not be? It’s cupcakes!! It looks wonderful.

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