Scared in my own home

Did you ever play tag in the pitch dark or tell scary stories by flashlight? How about watched some super scary movie during a sleepover? Yeah I have done all of those things but the difference between you and me… I did them only once. That’s all it took for me. See I HATE being scared. More than anything else in the world. More than that slow driver in front of me.

The best punishment for me would be at Halloween send me into one of those god forsaken haunted houses… alone. I would cry and crumble up into a fetal position. I haven’t been through one of those since October of 1997. Yeah I keep track.

Flash forward to today! I have a little girl most of you know her by the name of L and she likes to get up in the middle of the night. She stalks, she’s quiet as a mouse, doesn’t say a word, can see like a hawk in the pitch black, she takes pleasure in scaring her prey!

The other night I was sitting at my desk with my back towards the room, JT was sitting right next to me and out of the shadows she was beside me. She softly called my name “mommy”, I screamed like I haven’t screamed since I was 8 years old. I screamed so loud I scared her and made her cry.  JT just cracked up and thought the whole scene was hysterical. She did the exact same thing to him tonight so who’s laughing now. But my point is this, some nights when I get up to use the facilities I feel like I am being hunted by a tiny person with stealth like military training. My own home has become a haunted house and… I’m scared.


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