My Extreme Experience

Yesterday my mom and I dropped the kids off at school, got our coffee and went to catch a shuttle to the Extreme Makeover house. What a blast. It was really cool to see the house and all the volunteers working together on the house and everyone in the crowd was super friendly. They even had volunteers walking around the crowd passing out free water.

Some of the interesting things I learned while standing around watching. Keep in mind it’s like the game telephone, you’re never sure who or what is right: Ty left on Saturday to go and start a new house in Ohio (is what a police officer said) or Michigan (is what a bystander said); Ty attended the baseball game and sat in a box on Tuesday night; The volunteers do most of the work and the designers swoop in for some of the glory, they do some of the work too but not as much; The crew replaces all of the neighbors’ grass for free; They also pay to place the neighbors in hotels if they don’t want to stick around.

Here are some pictures. Some are blurry but you get the idea.

The crowd when we got there, plus there was this truck in the way so you couldn’t see all of the house.

We moved down farther and got a better look at the house.

I was lucky enough to get pictures of some of the designers. Here are pictures of Paige Hemmis.

and here’s one of her assistant putting on her booties for her (that’s right).

Finally the truck moved so you could see the whole house plus the driveway which led to the backyard. They were getting ready to start filming, hence the camera boom in the shot.

They also had cameras on the telephone poles and on the roof across the street. The homeowner told us they were time lapse.

Okay enough of that. You wanna know where the stars are don’t you? Here they are:

John Littlefied (designer)

One of my favorites Eduardo Xol. I have several actually. Here are the best:



and then there was TY!!

Where’s Ty??

A blurry closeup

I had so much fun. It really was interesting to watch and learn how they really do most of the work. Plus the sense of community was amazing. Good luck to the family in their new home. The episode is said to be airing sometime in November.

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