Happy Birthday JT!!

In honor of JT turning 41 today, here are 41 random facts about my man.

  1. He was born on September 7, 1967 in Grand Forks, North Dakota
  2. You all know this but he is 1/2 Japanese
  3. He does not speak Japanese well and understands very little
  4. He can teach you Japanese curse words
  5. He’s the youngest of three, he has two older brothers
  6. He lived in Japan when he was a youngster
  7. Unfortunately his father died when he was 7 almost 8
  8. JT’s very athletic, he played baseball and soccer in school
  9. He will watch every single sport and nothing else
  10. He’s extremely shy, he barely talks to anyone he doesn’t know
  11. Very few know that he is very funny
  12. When I met him he drove an orange eclipse, copper terango was the official name
  13. He’s close to being legally blind without his glasses or contacts
  14. He had his tonsils removed when he was 38 (we had just had L)
  15. He makes fun of me and my blog (all in fun) but then reads sports blogs ALL THE TIME
  16. He wouldn’t join Facebook so I created an account for him and now he is as addicted to it as me
  17. He can overspend just as bad as me sometimes
  18. He is a walking encyclopedia, his brain absorbs information and doesn’t let go
  19. And yet he cannot remember what I told him 20 minutes ago
  20. He cried on our wedding day, because of that one of his contacts fell out and he was blind in one eye all day and night
  21. He never complains about going out for family days
  22. He’s patient with the kids
  23. Generous with others
  24. He can be a bit pessimistic
  25. He spoils us all the time
  26. He watches cooking shows
  27. He does 80% of the cooking
  28. He also does the laundry
  29. He never misses the chance to party
  30. But can also spend the day or evening at home vegging
  31. He’s very respectful of everyone and their feelings
  32. He will sacrifice everything so the kids and I don’t do without
  33. He has more clothes than me
  34. We are neck and neck in the shoe department
  35. He’ll never admit it but he’s a tad bit vain
  36. He has the typical man twitch, checks for his wallet all the time
  37. He is not a phone person, not many men I know are though
  38. He always plays with the kids
  39. He always has time for the kids events
  40. He will take off of work for the kids or I at the drop of a hat
  41. We always come first

We love him very much. I consider myself very lucky to have married him and to have him as my best friend. The kids adore him and are excited every time he walks in the door.

Happy Birthday JT.





One thought on “Happy Birthday JT!!

  1. Olivia says:

    Its a good thing he has better taste in women than car colors!

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