Our Day of Fun

Mainly told in the form of pictures!

Today we attended Disney on Ice: Disneyland Adventure starring The Incredibles at The Family Arena. We have never been to a Disney on ice performance and had no idea what to expect, but J loves the Incredibles so I purchased our tickets the day they went on sale, kind of a belated birthday present. As I was dressing myself and the kids I kept thinking how I was probably over doing it because we were all in long sleeve shirts and capris or shorts and it was a nice 80 or so today, I also grabbed sweatshirts. We arrived a half hour before the event began and got in line. I was sipping my coffee and knew they would make me throw it away so I tucked it into the side of my purse and threw the sweatshirts over the side of my purse. There were two lines and we chose the one with the hard *ss security/purse checker. The other one was glancing and letting everyone through but ours checked every nook and cranny. Witch! She made me pitch my full cup of coffee. We walked over to get food and souvenirs: Popcorn in decorative box $6; Cinderella Spinning Light thing $16; Dash Light up Sword thing $16; T-shirt with Incredibles on the front $16.

Our seats were really awesome. We were in the fourth row on the side of the rink. The kids were mesmerized and kept asking when it was going to start but guess what, we were FREEZING!! I didn’t overdress my kids I undressed them plus here’s a tip: don’t wear flip flops and sit close to the ice. Brrr!

Seriously! Okay I’ll make sure my toddler doesn’t get too worked up when they sing It’s A Small World.

My beautiful family right before the show started.

Hardly any of the pictures I took turned out just because I don’t understand my camera completely and it was pretty dark in the theater. But here are some of the alright ones.


We purchased some cotton candy for $10 each (they came with a Dash mask), here we are trying on the masks.



We had fun. Can you tell?! We decided to go out for dinner after the ice spectacular and we ate at Trailhead Brewery which was AWFUL. The service was horrible. Everyone we came across was rude, from the hostess’ to our waitress. The food was incredibly bland. My steak didn’t have any flavor. Poor JT that was supposed to be his birthday lunch and it was incredibly lame. We then walked around historic St. Charles. I love the fudge/candy shopped and the Collector’s Centre. The Collector’s Centre is where they sell all of my village goodies. JT bought me a building and accessory for my Halloween village. It was very exciting for me. Like a kid in a candy store.

The kids waited patiently while we shopped.

They had to check out the purchases. I also bought a pumpkin and a Halloween sign.

It was a very long day so J hitched a ride back to the car.

They were troopers but were asleep in the car in no time. I love days like these and since fall is approaching there will be many more like them. We love to be out enjoying the weather. What a wonderful weekend so far, I cannot say enough about how I enjoy this weather. My favorite time of year. Do you smell that? Fall is coming it’s in the air. (Stay tuned next week I will specifically bitch about the returning heat, because this is St. Louis.)

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