Disappointed with a Capital D!!

My mom, JT, the kids and I all met at the Metrolink station last night after mom got off of work. Our plan was a good one. We ate a quick dinner in the car and then walked up 3 blocks to the Extreme Makeover location. I had read on line that if you lived in the neighborhood you could just walk over. I assumed that it wouldn’t matter if we parked somewhere and just walked over. I was wrong. Two nice but insanely annoying Shrewsbury police officers (who were just doing their jobs, I’ll admit) stopped us and wouldn’t let us through. You HAVE to take the shuttle from a nearby theater. JT said no we weren’t doing that. We had talked to two nice ladies on our way back to our car and they had just come from there and the shuttles weren’t running. So we drove around the perimeter and took some pictures. We plan on trying to go back on Tuesday to watch the reveal. Oh and you can only walk in if you live within the 6 block closed off radius. Here are my pictures:

Picture of the shuttle launch at Kenrick Theater, nope not exciting.

A picture of one of the closed off streets (exciting isn’t it) but those are where all “the” people sleep or work, I assume and you know what happens when you assume. I will try to not do it again.

Here’s THE bus. It’s a block away from the house. Move that… oh wait, sorry I got carried away.


The street where the house is, you can’t see the street. But isn’t it an exciting picture… no not really. Please ignore the profile picture of my pores. Lovely. I will spare you the other closed street pictures.

These lovely volunteers stopped so I could take a picture of the back of their shirts. They were so nice. Thank you who ever you are…

I swear before this whole thing is over I will make it there and get some cool pictures. I am determined now. I wanted to go tomorrow but tomorrow is JT’s birthday and he really doesn’t feel like spending it by standing in line waiting for a shuttle to go see someone’s house be built, even if it means he can see Ty. Check back for an update next week.

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