TILT – The Wonder Hostess Thrift Store

 I’m a little late on my TILT post today because we have been crazy today. Anyway on the way home from Michael’s I was craving something sweet so we stopped at one of two Hostess Thrift Shops near us. I am infatuated with a Hostess pie. YUM!!! I know many people do not have a sweet tooth like myself but you can purchase these delightful fruit pockets for next to nothing and they have every single flavor. When I was younger you could purchase them at the grocery store but now you can only purchase them here or at 7-11.

The other cool thing you can get boxes of Hostess cakes and bread. They of course aren’t the freshest but the way we go through all of those products around here it’s eaten quickly enough. They also have crackers, cookies, donuts and granola bars. Basically anything they make.

I remember when I was little my Aunt Kristie used to babysit for us and every day on the way home from school she would let us stop there and pick out a snack. We looked forward to it so now I have passed that down to my kids.

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4 thoughts on “TILT – The Wonder Hostess Thrift Store

  1. I have always passed these and thought about checking them out, but never have. Yum!!

  2. Shannon H says:

    I had never seen one of these stores till we moved to our current house and there is one up the street. I’ve yet to go in, though I drool each time I drive by. Now I will make a point to check it out. Thanks!

  3. hotomom says:

    I just ate a lemon pie. YUM!! And I wonder why my waistline is growing.

  4. BlapherMJ says:

    There is a Hostess store near my office and I make it a point NOT to go in unless I have my kids with me on the weekend. Otherwise I’d end up making that the place to go at lunch! 🙂

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