Questions about the Vice President!!!

Nope I don’t do political discussions. I disagree and agree with the best of them but my blog is not religious or political in anyway (if it is it’s because I’m pissed off about something) so I will not be talking about Biden or Palin specifically. Had to get that out of the way first.

So I bet you are wondering what my question is: Where does the Vice President live? How many of you know the answer to this question… WITHOUT looking it up on Google first? I certainly didn’t, my living dictionary/thesaurus/encyclopedia (JT) didn’t… here’s the answer. Huh, I always assumed they lived in the White House with the Chief. It’s not like there isn’t enough space there. Here’s the picture of the house. I don’t think they are suffering any. What do you think ?!

Here’s another interesting fact.. not about the Vice President but about the President. Did you know he will send you a signed greeting card. Here’s the lowdown. Too funny. I think maybe if Obama becomes president I will have to send my grandmother a birthday greeting. The look on her face alone would be worth it. I wonder if Oprah would do the same thing. She hates her too.

Thank you Ask Yahoo for answering all of my weird presidential questions.

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