I’ve got the Stay at Home Mom Blues

Today was not such a good day.

  • We woke up again with both kids in our beds so JT moved to the couch. J was kicking and smacking. It was awful plus I was up all night with a cough.
  • L woke up at 7:00 and started gagging (not sick just needed some attention)
  • J wet the bed for the first time ever… in our bed
  • It was pouring down rain – I mean pouring. It’s a nightmare getting kids in and out of the car while it’s raining that heavily and it rained like that ALL DAY!! You should see my hair, better yet probably not.
  • J went to the doctor and we all three got our flu shots. I went first and just kind of giggled while the kids watched, J was next he laughed out loud and took it very well. L screamed so loud that she scared the nurse who almost dropped the needle and cried til she nearly hyperventilated. That poor nurse was so shaken she even told me that her heart was racing.
  • Went to L’s first dance class
  • Couldn’t find my cell phone
  • Picked JT up at the MetroLink
  • Ate dinner at St. Louis Bread Co, which has a really good reputation for its customer service. Tonight it was horrible. They forgot three things off of our order. Charged us for cookies they didn’t have and forgot our silverware. It was bad.
  • Came home and I am finally able to breathe, except that the kids are fighting.

One thought on “I’ve got the Stay at Home Mom Blues

  1. Mary Jo says:

    Don’t you just hate those days!
    Hope today is better for you :0)

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