First Day of School

We weren’t sure there would be a first day of school for L. She woke up last night with a fever and ended up sleeping with us. She woke up at 5:30 am miserable so I brought her out to the couch and we laid there till she fell asleep at 7:00 am. J woke me up slightly after so I went ahead and just got in the shower. After I got ready I fed J his breakfast and got him dressed while L vegged on our bed. She was really upset that J was getting ready for school and she wasn’t. She was starting to feel better and her fever had broken earlier, she wanted to get dressed and ride along for J’s dropoff which I said was fine. My mom called and said that she was outside waiting for us so I surprised the kids and didn’t tell them. It was so cute when we opened the door. They were both so excited to see her. Mom (my part time nurse whom I call about everything) told me to go ahead and just send her, she was only going to be there for an hour today.

We took pictures on the porch this morning…

Then off to school to drop off J. I carried him in and he wouldn’t let me go. He kept lightly crying and kept saying “no you go”. I told him mommy was too big for school and he needed to go by himself. He looked at me with tears in his eyes and his lip all turned down and said “otay mommmy”. Shortly after he jumped down because he spotted a batman action figure. His teachers said he didn’t cry at all after I left. Awesome!!! When asked what his favorite part was, he said singing.

After we left J at school we got my coffee and brought L back home to change for her first day. She picked her outfit out all by herself. So we took more pictures on the porch (JT was all fussy but he can kiss it, you don’t get these moments back). Here are L’s pictures:

We drove her to school and dropped her off for her hour of fun. JT and I went to Blockbuster to rent a few movies and then to the brand new Dollar Tree a block from L’s school. It was fun, for me anyway.

Picked up L and the teacher informed me that she must not feel well today because she was even more quiet than usual. Great. We went down to pick up J in his classroom and he didn’t even notice us. I finally called out to him and he broke out in a sprint. Too stinkin cute. He wouldn’t let me go. He says he had a ton of fun. We were going to go out for lunch but L felt a little warm again so we hit McDonalds and Taco Bell and came home to relax.

L had a good day she said but she misses her friend Sydney who didn’t return to school this year. But she told me she can’t wait to make a new friend.

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