I’m Thouroughly Impressed

Sometimes my children cease to amaze me. J HATES to have his haircut. He freaks out. So I was taking him to one of those kids places where they can watch a video, like the Wiggles. It was the perfect arrangement but I hated the price tag… $16.95 per head. I was telling my hairstylist all about this dilemma and she mentioned that she only charges $8 per kids head, guess what we don’t go to the kids haircut place anymore.

I took the kids to get haircuts yesterday and I was fully prepared for screaming and crying and full on mayhem. What happened? Nothing, he sat quietly and actually talked to Debi and answered all of her questions. He was the perfect gentleman and now he has the perfect haircut to match.

Before picture, he was trying to make a funny face.

After, what a dude!! So handsome.

L of course did well. She enjoys getting her haircut, as long as I promise they aren’t going to cut it all off like mine. Here she is striking one of her famous photo poses.

Before, she’s really into headbands.

After, she just got a trim and a bang trim.

Perfect experience and now I can cross that off of my to do list.


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