WFMW – My Potty Training Method

Everyone has their own methods and it all works for them but I’ve got nothing this week for WFMW and I thought what have I been successful at recently. Um, potty training. Here’s my method and what worked for me. I am not by any means saying this will work for everyone.

I set a kitchen timer for every 15 minutes. When the timer went off we would run and go pee. If he couldn’t go we would go back to the timer and set it for 10 minutes. Then run to the bathroom after ten minutes. Still nothing?! We set it down to 5 minutes. He would usually always go by then. Then after he went. Back up to 15 minutes. This was just for the first two days. The third day we started at 30 minutes and worked our way down.

#2 took a bit more strategizing but a trip to the Target toy aisle works wonders 😉 plus I just wouldn’t let him out of my sight (he couldn’t even play in his room by himself until he pooped). Now he goes by himself, even gets his potty seat out for #2 and calls me when he is done and we aren’t even in pull ups anymore at night. Yeah J!!!

Both of my kids were easy trainers. Biggest key I waited until they were ready. I didn’t do it for me. I did it for them. Now since that was so easy I am sure there is some obstacle out there I am going to encounter that will test me beyond belief. Possibly sleep?!

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8 thoughts on “WFMW – My Potty Training Method

  1. That’s almost exactly what I did (but started at 20) and my son was trained at 27 months within a week with relatively few accidents. It works!

  2. Mutha Mae says:

    Every time a bell rings, an angel goes potty. Yep, I did the same method with Boo and it WORKS. I reminds mom it’s time to take them potty and it reminds kids it’s time to potty. Everyone wins. With that method, it took one week to train a 2.5 year old at home. Second week we visited stores and got to know how to use a public toilet.

    And they’re saving the big tests for the teen years. Look out, mom!

  3. lifeasamama says:

    how old was your little one? my dd is 21 months, but she’s totally intrigued by the potty and is always asking to sit on it. so i was thinking that after the trip we’re taking this weekend, i might try potty training starting next weekend… taking advantage of her interest.

    but she seems so young… that’s why i wanted to see how old your son is.

  4. midwestmommy says:

    I just got my 28 month old trained. It is great!!!!
    I have to work on when we go to other people’s houses. I am a freak and put her on the potty all the time because I am afraid she will have an accident even though she can tell me when she has to go.

  5. Jeni says:

    I’m about to re-start potty training my girlie, so this is something I might try. We began potty training about two months ago, but she didn’t quite get it, so we just put it on hold for awhile, and now, at 23 months, she seems much more interested.

  6. OHMYGOSH! I’m jealous. My oldest was almost 4 before he was trained and my middle one seems to be taking that road as well. I too did it in their own time, but seriously, he has adult size #2’s! UGH!

  7. Jeni says:

    Thanks for sending me back here – I read your post last week, and it inspired me to get a timer! We’re going to use it when we start trying again next week.

  8. Jen says:

    Thanks for all the advice. I’m going to try your way starting tomorrow! I hope it only takes a couple weeks. But as long as she gets it, right? =)

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