The Case of the Underpants!

A couple of days ago I needed to lay the back seats down in the van so I had to rearrange strollers (3 of them) two golf umbrellas, a bat (don’t ask) and, well you get the idea. I found underneath all of that chaos a pair of men’s white boxer brief underpants. That’s right. Underpants. What the?? Seriously!! Okay so I threw them back down into the back of the car because eww gross and I was going to inform JT about my discovery and let him deal with them. Needless to say, I forgot to tell him. So today I took my mom shopping and she purchased a beautiful chair. I was moving things around and low and behold, underpants. I started chuckling to myself thinking how in the world did these make it into the back of my car. I called JT and told him, finally. He claimed they weren’t his, I was all whatever!! He was adamant that they weren’t his.

So my mom gets in the car and she reminds me that I had transported my brothers dirty clothes to my mom’s house last week. So they were HIS underpants. Double gross. They were dirty underpants to boot. Dirty skidmarked brother’s underpants!! Is there anything grosser, not to me at this moment. I handed them over to my mom because she gave birth to him and she doesn’t care about gross brother germs like me plus she washes his clothes and scrubbed my own hands clean.

Case of the Underpants – SOLVED!!!


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