Such busy upcoming weeks, I need to schedule time to breathe.

*UPDATE – See I already forgot something* Okay my life is going to be CRAZY in the next two weeks. Here’s the breakdown: FYI – we are never this busy I usually like to keep things calm and open.

Tomorrow – Tuesday: My mom is off of work so I will spend the day running errands and such with her, plus it would be awesome to do something fun.

Wednesday: My mom’s second day off. The kids have haircuts and then something fun.

Thursday: Meeting at L’s school for parents only. My mom will babysit.

Friday: J’s 3rd birthday! JT off of work. Take L and J to their classrooms to meet their teachers, JT haircut (hopefully), Monkey Joes for some birthday jumping, Cooking for party, Party!

Saturday: Big birthday party at train place. Mizzou/Illini game that JT will be attending.


Monday: Labor Day

Tuesday: Take a deep breath!!

Wednesday: School starts for both kiddos

Thursday: Dance class starts for L, * J’s 3 year old check up

Friday: School for L, J and I will run errands

Saturday: Disney on Ice

Sunday: JT’s birthday


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