Closeted Org Junkie

Everyday I read a blog by the name of I’m an Organizing Junkie and I always feel inspired to become more organized but never have the money to do so. But, I just couldn’t pass up this opportunity. I loved these closets they made me weak in the knees with jealousy. So I decided to use some things I had around the house plus a really cheap visit to Target.

Here’s my before picture (makes me cringe)


Here’s the after. Thank god I did something about this. We wouldn’t even open the closet because it was THAT bad. I am very proud of the after.


 Isn’t it beautiful!! It’s lovely. I use those fabric baskets for the kids toys and never thought to use them for anything else. So now I have all of our winter accessories in these. We each have our own color but the kids share one. Then on the bottom I had an extra shoe rack in our closet so I put it here for the kids and out boots plus in the light pink basket we store umbrellas and other such stuff. I am really really really HAPPY!! Isn’t that all that counts.

Thank you for the inspiration Org Junkie. You Rock!!


4 thoughts on “Closeted Org Junkie

  1. Org Junkie says:

    Okay now that is what I’m talking about!! You did an amazing job and I’m so happy you were able to use things from around the house, yay! I love love love this 🙂 So cool!

  2. Susan says:

    This is great! Way to go!!

  3. avlor says:

    Your post really makes me think I should put my family’s winter stuff in separate bins too. You did a beautiful job on the closet!

  4. So pretty! I love your header, also. Too cute.

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