The Big Cheese

He isn’t so bad that Chuck E Cheese guy. The kids had so much fun running around and playing games. Plus you aren’t so panicked as a parent that your kids are going to take off with someone else (that whole black light stamp thing rocks). The pizza wasn’t bad either. It was pretty good actually. JT and I kept running around to the more adult machines while Nana and Papa played with them, we were trying to earn a bunch of tickets for the kids because their favorites were the rides and  you don’t earn tickets that way sillies.

I was a champion skee baller and wack a moler. Yes I am super proud. I beat out my dad and JT (well technically JT didn’t get a chance to play). Our little stars kept going up to the front to dance in front of the blue screen. It was pretty funny. Flashback: I remember when Chuck E Cheese had those robotic characters playing instruments and they would come on and sing songs and dance. I was expecting that exact same thing when we got there but it was fine. The kids liked dancing around and being on “TV”.

J was so cute sitting next to Chuck, he would talk to him and he actually put his arm around him.

Here are L and Papa (my dad) driving a race car video game. L had trouble staying on the course.

We had some chocolate cupcakes that J and L loved. J really enjoys wearing his food more than eating it.

We all had a blast. JT even commented that we will have to add this place to our frequently visited places. I’ll post more on our night tomorrow and show you the “big” gift J received.


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