Playskool Noodleboro

I was very excited when I was given the opportunity to review the Noodleboro games. Our kids LOVE to play games. They are always begging us to play with them. Playskool has made a wonderful game for our little ones. J is a little young for the game since it’s geared for 4 and up but with a little help from us he was able to have fun too. L of course loved the game. She just plays over and over and over and the best thing about this game is that it doesn’t last all that long.

The game we were sent was Learning to Share Fun Park Game.

The game is best described by the website: “Come one, Come all to the Noodleboro Fun Park – a place filled with midway games and carnival fun. In this game, kids play together to collect as many sharing stars as they can before the park closes. It’s all about having fun and helping friends by sharing.”

Here are the inside contents..

Truthfully this was a tough subject matter for L. She did not want to share her sharing stars with her brother. Mom and Dad, fine, but not so much J. We worked through it though (or it’s a work in progress). Really this is the one of our new top 3 favorite family games. When not playing the game, because even I need a break from game play, there is a really cool book with audio cd for the kids to read and/or just listen to. All in all Playskool did an awesome job on this game. I really would love to have all 3 in our family game arsenal. All games are being released this fall, visit their website to check out the fun. Playskool is having a Disney Cruise sweepstakes you can enter on their website. Plus Mom Central is having a game giveaway. They are giving away 200 games so enter here.

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