Paper Has More Patience Than People

The title of this blog post is my new favorite quote. I read this quote in the brilliantly written book: Note to Self, On Keeping a Journal and other Dangerous Pursuits (by Samara O’Shea). First you need to know something about me. I am not an introspective person. I don’t read self help books or listen to self help tv shows or tapes (I’ll skip Oprah that day) so I was a little wary of this book when I received it but I opened the box and the first thing that struck me was how pretty the book is…. okay so I gave it a chance. Introduction page 3 I had my highlighter out and was using my post its for info I wanted to come back to later. I was hooked.

My favorite part of the book was the fact that she added herself in the writing. She would include journal entries and it kept me reading, peeked my interests plus I was picking up on the “lessons she was teaching” so to speak. I loved the personal stories and short stories of historical figures. Her blogging chapter was of course my favorite. Because I am not a journal keeper. My hand gets tired I start to ramble. At least with a blog I can type (which I was trained to do in secretarial school). She writes in this chapter: “I resisted blogging wholeheartedly at first”. I was the same way but for different reasons than Samara. She resisted because “I resist most technological advancements at first.” But myself I didn’t know how to put my world out there and have people find it exciting. She of course helps you with that in this book. But the thing that stuck with me the most was the fact that she says “It is my hope that bloggers are printing their blogs or filing them in some other secure way.” OMG it’s like she read my mind. I have been thinking about that a lot lately. Anyway enough about me.

This book is awesome. I could go through and find some snippet of interest in every chapter to post here but then that wouldn’t be fair to Samara because you should read this book. It’s wonderfully written and just plain fun to read. In fact I believe I will reread it just because I can.

If you want to read Samara’s blog at the Huffington Post or if you want to check out her books. She also has facebook and myspace pages.

Here’s a video on YouTube, it’s a trailer for her book. Love her!!! She’s pretty cool.

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