Marriage in Real Life

So marriage in real life huh?! There are so many things I could say but instead how about some things I’ve learned.

1. Always find a way to laugh together. Laughing always solves every single fight no matter what. You could be fighting about money and the kids could do something funny and we can completely melt and start talking like rational people again. (NEVER fight in front of your kids but if you do get them on your side).

2. Don’t be mean to each other. Don’t say mean things about him in front of him to say like your mother. That’s not a good thing. If you want to *itch about him say it to your friends or your twitter account that he doesn’t know about.

3. You don’t have to give up your own interests and hobbies. Just get two TVs so you don’t have to watch his sports crap ALL the time.

4.  Your marriage shouldn’t be about your kids. It should be about you and your husband. Does someone have a phone number for a good sitter?

5. Show lots of affection towards each other, especially in front of your kids. If you kiss and hold hands it reassures them that you are happy and their lives are perfect (puke). This of course does not mean that I want to have my boobs groped every 5 seconds or my butt smacked in the Eddie Bauer dressing room where L very loudly says “Mommy, Daddy just smacked your butt.” Yes thank you. I realize that.

6. Encourage each other every chance you get. If your spouse is having problems at work, let him know that you are standing behind him and believe that he will make all the right decisions and that no matter what happens you would live even in a cardboard box with him. Perferably a two story one but it’s fine. Oh and back him up on all decisions like especially if you meet his stupid bimbo of a boss in a dark alley, feel free to kick her *ss. That’s definitely backing him up.

7. Don’t compare your husband to other husbands. But if your husband is super awesome like mine than it’s okay.

8. Sarcasm never helps a situation it just hurts it.  I have no idea what this means. That’s just what this website said that I found.

9. Criticism isn’t helpful either. If he wants to drive like a lunatic with your kids in the car, let him. If he wants to take 20 minutes to parallel park your car, let him. Who’s to say your way is the right way all the time (clearing my throat).

And last but not least….

10. Marry your best friend first and your lover second. Because you will need your friend more often. Like when you are up in the middle of the night cleaning up puke or when you don’t get any sleep because you are sharing a queen size bed with two kids and your husband.

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5 thoughts on “Marriage in Real Life

  1. Honey Mommy says:

    There is a lot of great advice here!

    Sometimes as you get on in years as a married couple you forget simple things like showing affection, spending time together, encouraging each other and just laughing. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. bananas says:

    Really, really good advice. I’m going to forward this to my sister (who’s about to get engaged).

  3. devi says:

    hey this is really good advice…..i’m currently living with my fiance so this stuff will most definitely come in handy. and yes he is my friend first and lover second….i got something right…yay me!!!!

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