Model Material

We recently bought some new clothes for L from Target and other places in preparation of school starting. Everyday she tries on every single outfit and has a fashion show, or so she says. Then there is the shoe and sock portion, where she tries on her new shoes with different kinds of socks (especially her new High School Musical socks) or the hair accessories march (I bought her all these thick headbands in the target $1 section and she loves them). Anyway here are some pictures of the wonderful outfits she’s been putting together lately.

She won’t let me put her clothes away yet, or her shoes, or her socks or her headbands. They are all laying out on her trundle.

With these socks and shoes she had a pair of white shorts and a blue shirt. The shoes were 3.99 at Kangaroo Kids. She HAD to have them. Kind of reminds me of the wicked witch look.

Or there is the High School Musical socks with Troy and her new Pink Merrel’s. I got them for 9.99 at Kangaroo Kids, a resale shop here.

Here’s one example of an outfit she put together all by herself. Love the purple tennis shoes.

But this outfit takes the cake. She put this one together all on her own folks. No help from me.

Thankfully we do not fight about what she wears when we leave the house. I still like that tiny control over how they look and luckily J could care less.


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