Nope it’s not a new word for excited… It’s a new product made by a mom for moms.

If you have little boys at home or even a husband for that matter. You NEED this product. How many times do your boys “miss” or look away for a minute and you have a wet bathroom floor or better yet a messy toilet (BTW I HATE cleaning the bathroom, who doesn’t). When given the opportunity to review this product I jumped at the chance because of potty training J. So far it’s been a life saver.

Read about how Annmarie Vanini came up with this grand invention on the website www.flippee.com. She’s like the rest of us moms. She has three boys and was in the middle of potty training one. She was sick of cleaning up the mess left afterwards so she decided to design an invention that helps keep the “pee” in the potty. She says: “There were four features I wanted for my product: easy to clean, easy to store, easy to use, and a quality, space-saving design. Flippee has them all.”

I found the Flippee is extremely easy to install with suction cups on both sides, even if you have to stick and restick to get a good fit, it still only takes seconds to install. J loves the way you can flip it up when he has to go and down when he’s done. It’s enhanced this potty experience, it’s added a little fun, I am sure that’s what he would say if asked. 🙂 Oh the best part, I almost forgot, it’s SO easy to clean. Just use your favorite spray household cleaner. In my opinion she is a genius and she has saved me years of messy bathroom floors. If you have a household of boys I highly recommend you visit www.flippee.com and buy yourself one for $24.95. You can only purchase one through the website at this time.

(Please excuse the formatting change I don’t know what’s wrong with the dang system but I have been fighting with this post all day).

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