He did it!!

I didn’t want to blog about this until we were completely done BUT today J is officially and completely potty trained. He tells me when he needs to go and he has done the #2 dooty duty on the potty. No accidents for 3 days straight. How much am I loving life right now? I did a little dance, screamed for joy and smiled from ear to ear while singing his praises. WOW when did my life start revolving around poop. Sad really! So now we are off to buy a toy at Target since that was what I bribed him with (an $8 superhero shouldn’t break the bank). Who the hell cares… it worked! Potty training I laugh in your face and say bring it on, I have conquered you twice successfully and won’t have to do it again. FYI – I am doing the dance again. Tomorrow I have to bake a cake because he wants a party or so he’s informed me – um dude your bday is in 2 weeks, can’t we wait, apparently not! I don’t care. I am too happy to care.


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