Etsy I sing your praises once more

So my uber talented cousin O has once again totally impressed me in the sewing department (I do not sew, nor do I have the desire too, unless I am putting stitches on my scrapbook pages). Look at the skirt she made for her daughter Piper Ann:

I believe she got the pattern on etsy. Isn’t this skirt awesome. With it’s cute belt and pretty fabric. LOVE IT (that’s from Dragon Tales, don’t worry I am working on getting a life). She should totally open up her own etsy store, I would browse and shop in her store all day. Fingers crossed she does soon but until then I will have to scower other stores. Here’s what I found lately.

J would LOVE one of these capes for his birthday. So would L. They are always tying things around them and acting like they are capes and J is so into batman and superman it’s ridiculous how crazy excited he would be. Good thing his b-day is coming up. The name of the store is babypop and it’s such a cute store. Not only does she make capes but she also has superhero masks, fingerless gloves, cute little dresses with reversible headbands and robes.

Check out these adorable shoes. I have never seen anything so cute. I am wishing that L was tiny again just so I could buy these. This dress is wonderful too. I loved browsing her store, smallbeans.

This little boutique makes the cutest halter type dresses. This one is my favorite pattern with a cute button in the middle. Name of this store is lillifeeboutique.

Okay I have to quit while it’s still early. I have a night to myself and I should be enjoying my husband’s company or at least go and lay in front of the TV and not worry about getting kids into bed.

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2 thoughts on “Etsy I sing your praises once more

  1. […] similar to the skirt I made here, but less involved. Its also reversible. The other side is pink orange yellow and green plaid. I […]

  2. sandrar says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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