Birthdays are HUGE

My mom always made a point of making our birthdays a big deal so of course I have passed down the tradition to my own kids. J is turning 3 at the end of August and he really wants a Wiggles birthday and that’s fine because next year he will have probably forgotten all about them. So I just finished the invites (no big deal just info on white cardstock with a picture of the Wiggles), planned the menu (hot potatoes, cold spaghetti salad and fruit salad) and now I am working on the cake idea. I am bidding on a Wilton guitar cake pan on ebay and I plan on making Murray’s red guitar since he pretends to play his guitar like Murray all the time.



The kids were so funny when I finished the invites, they walked one down to Uncle Na. When they came back up they each wanted one. L was so excited she hugged J and told him “thank you for inviting me” he of course being the polite Mr he is said “your welcome”.

That of course is just the party on his actual birthday on the day after he is having a huge train party with the rest of my family and JT’s family at the Whittle Shortline Railroad in Valley Park and then on Sunday we will probably see my dad. So it’s going to be an extremely busy weekend.


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