I am so addicted!!

We are talking about my addiction to Facebook. Yes welcome.. you’ve heard of my addictions to magazines, junk food, coffee and even possibly my addiction to sunflower seeds but never have I run across an addiction as bad as my facebook account, oh wait that was a lie. WordPress would also be considered an addiction and well I guess so would photography. Okay okay so I have an addictive personality. This would be why it was so hard for me to quit smoking 2 1/2 years ago (who’s counting).

Anyway I was on Facebook most of the night contacting old friends from high school (I hated high school, just so you know) and from my e-mail contact list, I added pictures and some flair and now what. I just sit and wait for all of those friend requests to start coming back. I could be here for a while.


2 thoughts on “I am so addicted!!

  1. Facebook is like crack. I could sit there for hours IM’ing someone I talk to all the time, or flinging sheep at people… it’s ridiculous. Just don’t start twittering; from what I’ve seen among my friends is that it makes Facebook look like nothin’.

  2. hotomom says:

    OMG yeah I twitter too. It’s so bad. All of it. I am losing my favorite scrapbook time to looking around on my friend’s facebook accounts. I am hunting you down on Facebook. Look out here I come.

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