A Military Funeral

Military Funerals have to be the saddest things I have ever witnessed. JT’s cousin died of cancer and his funeral was yesterday in Salem. He proudly served in the navy for 8 1/2 years. Rightfully so he was honored in death by a military funeral. The gun salute scared the crap out of me, I saw them receive their orders to prepare their guns and I knew the shot was coming but it still scared me, then the horn started and there wasn’t a dry eye in the family. So sad a man of 48 taken by cancer.

JT’s father’s grave is right beside where his cousin will be laid to rest so after the service we walked over to visit his father. The kids had never been there before so I explained to them who it was and took a couple of pictures. L picked a flower and was tracing the letters on this marker. It was very sweet. She kept fixing the flag in front of his headstone. We then walked over to see what would be their great grandparents on JT’s side and I took some pictures there too. It was a beautiful day, low 80s and a nice breeze, we visited with family we are unable to see a lot of because of being scattered around the country and JT’s brother took us around and showed us where they lived when his dad was stationed in Vietnam. They rented a house for $40 a month. It was nice being with my brother in law and mother in law. I always enjoy their company. Here are some pictures from yesterday.

The kids next to their grandpa’s grave marker.

Where they rented while living in Salem.


One thought on “A Military Funeral

  1. Uncle TBone says:

    …”It was nice being with my brother in law and mother in law. I always enjoy their company.” ha ha nice one! 🙂 Seriously thanks for letting us go with you guys and it was good to see the family even under those circumstances.

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