Wanna get away?

So I had one of THOSE moments just like on the commercials, but I do have to say that it wasn’t that bad.

A simple little battery ruined my day. I dropped off JT this morning and went to the grocery store for a couple of things. Disaster struck on the way, J’s headphones quit working, each of the kids have a set of headphones for the backseat DVD player and I know it’s not a real disaster but, the headphones are a comfy and lovely luxury that are an added bonus to my day. Why you ask? It saves me from having to listen to the Wiggles DVD over and over and over and over. Anyway all he could hear was static so JT called the dealership and told them of our plight, we have to leave town tomorrow to attend a funeral in Salem, MO and and 1 1/2 hours of Wiggles is not how I pictured the drive. So I go to the dealership because they say they have a part and will get them up and working again (exact words), 20 minute drive for them to put a new battery in the headset. That’s right just a new battery. Talk about humiliating. I didn’t even know the headsets possessed batteries.

I felt so small and just shirked back to the car to check that they worked and wanted to secretly kill JT (kind of) and the service people he spoke with on the phone. I thought I was home clear and the guy comes out to the car to check to make sure they work I told him they did and he just gave me this look like okay crazy lady. Next time JT can run one of those errands. I’m out!


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