What’s a blogger to do?

I hate my blog design. There I said it. Don’t get me wrong I adore logging on everyday and staring at my children up at the top but I despise how boring this design is. I wish I could spice it up, I am a creative mind people and I need color, prints, pictures… you know personality! So JT agreed that I could buy my own domain and I am not going to say what it is until I buy it, I don’t want anyone to steal the name :-). But here’s my problem. How in the world do you choose your host? I am probably going to stick with WordPress because I am familiar with them and I consider it to be easy to navigate but I just don’t know who to choose (Blue Host, Dreamhost???). I of course want to choose the most affordable (cheapest really) because I have to have money left over for my wonderful blog design, don’t even get me started on how in the world I am going to choose a designer. But back to my “domain” have you noticed how the hosts will say it only costs $6.95 a month to host your domain but when you start to investigate it says things like: $6.95 a month if you pay for 24 months otherwise if you pay monthly it’s $9.95. Okay well shouldn’t they just say that it’s $166 instead. Well anyway I hope to be making these “huge” decisions before the end of the summer. After all I do have a 3rd birthday to over plan and over spend for so I will think more about it after August :-). Until then I will dream of such Widgets like Shelfari and Amazon.


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