Airlines, yeah you!! You suck!

I am little down tonight. We went to my inlaws earlier today for some pizza and beer (Whadup Uncle TBone) and my SIL and I decided that it would be cool to head to Minneapolis for a weekend in September, there’s a scrapbook convention up there and JT doesn’t want to go and neither of us have been to the Mall of America. We were both getting kind of excited at the prospect of a girls weekend. So tonight I checked airline tickets (no hotel), I was thinking perhaps around $200 nope not even close. Try $400-$500. There goes that fun idea. Stupid airlines. My dream of visiting the holy land of shopping venues while a scrapbooking event happens will have to wait until gas prices cease and desist.


2 thoughts on “Airlines, yeah you!! You suck!

  1. Uncle TBone says:

    Doing some research on girls weekend. Travelocity has roundtrip air and two nights at the Hilton (one mile from the holy land; don’t need a car) for $600 per person. Probably still high but…

  2. tcmom says:

    Minneapolis is great! I used to go there for work and stay right next to the Mall of America – the lights from the parking lot were as brihgt as the sun I swear! Ha ha. Anyway, I hope you get to go eventually. 😦 Love the new desig by the way!

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