What were they thinking??

If you live in Missouri than chances are you have seen these ugly things:

Can you tell I don’t like them. There is nothing great about them (or the other 2 we were given to vote on). I like the state being on there that’s nice but the state bird. Please, half of Missourians don’t even know what the state bird is let alone care. Driving down the highway I can’t even tell that it says Missouri (the word is in italics) or that it says Show-Me State (better yet it is missing the hypen between show and me – idiots) and it looks all white. I think they are UGLY, but that’s just my opinion take it for what it’s worth… a complaint no one cares about 🙂

I’ll stick with the old version I have as long as I can. At least it’s colorful!!!

 (no that’s not my plate #)


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