Our summer concert schedule

So I went and got my haircut yesterday and my lovely hairstylist was talking about a concert she was either going to or had been to (sorry I can’t remember – that was yesterday – I’m lucky if I remember what happened this morning). My cousin O was talking about how she went and saw Crewfest (Motley Crue, Buckcherry and Papa Roach) I cannot wait for her post on this experience. Wanna know what we are going to see this summer? It’s very exciting…

We are off to see…. wait for it…. THE WIGGLES on August 5th. Yes I know I am a glutton for punishment but my little guy is turning 3 at the end of August and he is infatuated in love with the Wiggles. It gets better.

On September 6th (one day before JT’s birthday) we are off to see Disney on Ice starring the Incredibles (another J favorite). I know, I know. I can barely contain my excitement.

What happened to our concert life? I remember going to see almost every concert that would come to St. Louis. My absolute favorite was Cher (no judging) it was an incredible concert. But, this is what my life has come to Wiggles and Disney.

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