Works for Me Wednesday – How I Scrapbook A Long Road Trip

I’m back!! I took a little break from WFMW. I couldn’t think of anything and I haven’t been home on Wednesdays for a while but here I am today so here’s my tip:

When we went to Disney World we were in the car for what seemed like an eternity so I would get the camera out and play, there was nothing else to do (plus it was a brand new camera). Well it turns out we had some awesome pictures to add to our scrapbook. I came up with the idea for a timeline. I love this layout with the little license plates and words. But the best part it’s simple, here are some pictures (you should be able to enlarge them if you just click on the pics).

Page One/Day One:

Page Two/Day Two:

It was so easy! Even if you haven’t scrapbooked a day in your life you can do this. Just scissors, a pen, paper and the pictures. That’s really all you need. The other stuff is just an added plus. Hope this helps you with your road trip pictures.

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One thought on “Works for Me Wednesday – How I Scrapbook A Long Road Trip

  1. mallory says:

    So cute! Great Job! I love the timeline idea.

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