No unfortunately no updates on the family I am talking of course about my reality TV crushes.

The Next Food Network Show: Who is going to win? I can’t pick just one. I want Lisa to win but I am not sure she will because then I have grown to love the other two just as much. I have to wait a whole week to find out.

Design Star: Wow I totally picked Matt Locke to win the whole shebang. We shall see. I should have bet my husband a shopping spree or something as fabulous.

Well you know where I will be next Sunday night. Oh did I mention that Big Brother 10 started and I really like this one. It’s a normal one. No twists or turns. Just Big Brother as it should be. I am also psyched because Monk started again along with… well Psych. Then the most anticipated reality show by myself and my hubby would be Project Runway 5 and that my friends has started too. Lord help me, thank you for our DVRs. Can they burn out from use?

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One thought on “Updates

  1. DavidDust says:

    I hope to speak to Matt Lock HIMSELF next week!

    Read my recap here:




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