A lovely “ouch” weekend

We had a wonderfully busy weekend. My dad turns 60 today so this last Saturday we went to his house for a little birthday celebration. We purchased a triple slip n slide, because he has a great hill for some slippin and some slidin. Anyway, there were just a couple of minor problems… such as #1 the “slide” looked a lot longer on the box. We opened it up and it was pathetic really and #2 at the age of 32 if you don’t work out on a regular basis and then try to take on the slip n slide like your 20 you are going to be sore for several days after. My stomach muscles hurt, my calf muscles hurt, my neck is killing me and so on and so forth. I can’t even get myself out of bed because the muscles in my stomach are BURNING!!! I am sure you all want to see some pictures, so here you go… (oh and young uncle na went once, yeah that’s all)

  just so you know JT is hurting too, just not as bad as me. I must have tensed up during my slidin. I would close my eyes right before I got to the end of my run, the reason I have absolutely no idea. JT and I would be going so fast that we would end up at least 3 or 4 feet past the slide. We had so much fun as a family but we are definitely paying for it.

We moved to pool which was delightful, the water was warm and the kids were behaved. It was so relaxing. My brother took this picture of us. Look for it soon on my banner 😉

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!! We had so much fun this weekend in fact we all have a weekend hangover.


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