I’m beat!!

That’s right I am downright beat and I didn’t even lift one 60 lb boulder. I left all that heavy lifting to the guys my mom works with. 3 days of St. Louis heat, 3 days of J having no nap, running out of diapers AND wipes (J was in a swim diaper and had diarrhea, yeah that was fun), an entire container of Nesquik spilled all over the floor, swimming, an entire spray bottle of sunscreen, red punch spilled on my mom’s carpet, a puking incident in my car, over 900 pictures (yeah that’s not a typo, really over 900) and 6 new fish… Ladies and Gentleman we finally have a POND!!!

I will post pictures tomorrow, we didn’t get home until 10:15 pm tonight and I am beat (wait did I already say that) I’m off to bed. I have to get my blogging oh and my house back up and running. See ya tomorrow.


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