What’s your all time favorite???

What is your all time favorite movie? Mine hands down is Steel Magnolias. I cry like a baby everytime I watch the graveside scene. You know the one… where M’Lynn (Sally Field) is crying so hard and says that she just wants to hit something so they feel as bad as here and Clairee (Olympia Dukakis) grabs Ouiser (Shirley McLaine) and tells M’Lynn to hit her. It’s classic. Plus the whole thing is just one big feel good movie. Now I know there are several women out there that agree with me but I am sure you won’t find very many men. Probably just a handful. So what’s your favorite movie of all time? One you can watch over and over and it never gets old.

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7 thoughts on “What’s your all time favorite???

  1. Ron says:

    I hate to say something so shallow but … The Wizard of Oz. I know, I know. But it’s true. Something about that poppy field just pops my cork.

    Hey, thanks for making me feel better about my crazy glue incident. Umm. If I may ask … how the heck did you get crazy glue IN YOUR MOUTH???? Were we seperated at birth?


  2. hotomom says:

    You’re hilarious… actually the super glue cap was stuck on and so when I tried to yank it off with my teeth my fingers were on the button to dispense. It was definitely horrible and the most embarrassing thing I have ever done. I was laughing and crying at the same time.

  3. Ann Reed says:

    oonstruck my most favorite with Olympia Dukakis!!!!!!

  4. sagemom says:

    Hi! Found you via the Mommy Reviewers. I think Steel Magnolias is a good movie too, but I actually have two fave movies I can watch again and again–Life is Beautiful and Love Actually.

  5. hotomom says:

    I forgot about Love Actually. Wow that is a good movie. I went on a date with my hubby when I was pregnant with my daughter. It was the last movie we saw as a no kid couple.

  6. bigbinder says:

    I love Steel Magnolias, definitely in my top five. I also like Clueless, Goodfellas, and the Godfather. No, I don’t make any sense in the movie category.

  7. JT says:

    Say no more…..Goodfellas and The Godfather? Join the family! Need to include Godfather II. I can watch those movies non-stop, over and over for 2 weeks straight.

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