We went to my favorite place to shop… TARGET and bought some essentials, we had dinner at St. Louis Bread Co (or Panera to everyone else) and then went on a search for blueberry pie. We have been craving some since my aunt made one on July 4th and it was so GOOOOD! We ended up at the grocery store because all of the bakeries around here were closed. Needless to say we didn’t get our blueberry pie.

On our way home we drove past our old house (we only live a couple of blocks from our first house) and it’s for sale. There’s an open house on Sunday. Would you go through it? JT really wants me to go through and take pictures so we can see what they changed. I told him to just go with me and we could check it out together but he is worried that the person might recognize him from the sale… 5 years ago. I don’t know maybe I will go. They were a newly married couple when they bought the house (JT and I were 4 months away from our wedding when we bought it) and tonight there was a stroller on the front porch (I was 8 months pregnant when we sold it and moved). I still haven’t found out the price, I can’t find it online, I am really curious about that part.

Now I am sitting here watching Jon & Kate Plus 8 and seriously I have to side with Jon. Kate needs to CHILL! All she did was complain tonight while the kids were decorating cupcakes. She is going to miss out on so much if she doesn’t just relax. Kids don’t keel over from getting a little messy, plus she was just majorly ragging. I could barely watch her tonight.

I know this is a boring post but I want to talk about our old house and Kate was annoying me so I tried to blur it together. Hope it doesn’t bore you to sleep, that’s where I’m headed.


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