Our Fourth in Pictures

We had a very nice, relaxing day at my aunt and uncle’s house. You couldn’t have asked for better weather. We had a high of almost 80 degrees and it was pleasantly breezy, so the swimming was a little cool but at least we weren’t sweating to death like we usually do. Here are some pictures of our holiday:

The whole day turned into who’s going to be pushed into the pool first… yeah it was my Uncle D, did I forget to mention that my mother was the pusher?!

There were noodle fights…

Some swimming by little ones just learning… (that would be my L just learning to swim, I’m so proud)

Swimming by experienced little ones…. (my cousin O’s little guy Nathan, isn’t he the cutest thing)

And then there were the adults… who while sipping beer need a little duckies help (I chose anonymity for this individual for his declaration of too many pictures while holding a beer)

We had everything… even hula-hooping. Check us out, we are partiers 🙂 (This is L and J shaking what the lord gave em)

 (J and my cousin’s son Oliver shaking their groove things)

We also had water balloons but I don’t have any pictures of that. We had a washers tournament with it’s own cheering crowd.

 Check out my cousin Kate, she kicked the guys butt in washers.

 (the kids clapped for every throw, it was really too cute)

We ate homemade ice cream sandwiches at dusk while we waited for fireworks to start in the neighborhood..

 Both kids enjoyed the ice cream sandwiches but J wears his so much better than L.

Then we played with sparklers. J only held a couple of them because he was frightened (rightfully so) L was enthused and held several one after the other. Unfortunately she was burned. One of the sparklers burned fully, the tip blew off and landed on her dress, she put her arm down on the ember and burned the inside of her elbow, then the ember stayed on her dress and we couldn’t get it off, luckily I was able to bat it off and it didn’t catch her dress on fire. She was fine but it was a little scary, we had done everything right, I stood right by her and helped her hold them, Sometimes freak things just happen. Anyway here are some sparkler pictures:

J loved the fireworks that people were shooting off in the neighborhood. The view was great off of their deck and they were enough for us. He kept screaming “ook ook dere one”. We really had a nice Fourth of July and we hope all of our family and friends did as well.  We missed those who couldn’t be with us. We didn’t get home until 10:00 pm so today we did NOTHING!!!


3 thoughts on “Our Fourth in Pictures

  1. Wow! Your day looked so fun. I’m glad you had a great time. I especially liked reading about the homemade ice cream sandwiches. I wish I had one 🙂

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  3. bigbinder says:

    Anonymous-shmynonymous. I’d know that duck riding fool anywhere 🙂

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