Father/Son & Mom/Daughter Dates

JT has been working so hard lately. He’s been getting up early (4:00 am), coming home and having to log on and work until after the kids go to bed plus he is on call all weekend. All of this has hopefully added up to some comp time, which means basically he gets a day off (two would be nice but we won’t push it). So with a day off we decided to take the kids out seperately and have some fun doing something they haven’t done yet in their short lives. For example: JT is going to take J to a batting cage or arcade and just let him play and L and I are going to go paint pottery. She is very excited. She wants to do it so badly since she saw the girls do it on Jon & Kate Plus 8. This by the way is her favorite show. She is now convinced that we need more kids in our family (not gonna happen) in fact she is so infatuated with this idea of more kids that she told her daddy to get his shoes on and go right now to the store to buy another baby, preferably a sister. BOY!! She is so bossy. Anyway painting pottery could be a lot of fun for her and I, but I am afraid it could be really expensive too, we’ll see I guess. I painted a serving platter a couple of years ago and I still use it to this day and everyone always comments on how cool it is, I can’t wait for L to have her own piece of art. The dates will be this week sometime (hopefully his boss has to approve the time off first).

If you live in STL and you know of a really cool pottery painting place you can inform me of I would really appreciate it.

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One thought on “Father/Son & Mom/Daughter Dates

  1. Carrie says:

    I’ve been to Glazed and Confused on Telegraph a few times. http://www.glazed-confused.com/ HTH 🙂

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