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JT and I really have been looking into a HUGE change. We are considering a move to a different city. This is so unlike me. I would never in a million years just up and move because I wanted to but I am not getting any younger and feel like it would maybe be something fun. The best news… my mom would move too. She would love a change too. So it would be perfect. I wouldn’t leave my mom we are too close. I’ll keep you updated. JT is currently fishing the job market.


I watched Jon and Kate Plus 8 last night and really enjoyed this episode. I love being a voyeur in their lives. It’s really a cute show. Afterwards I watched The Singing Office (which was okay, not really interested) but Jon & Kate Plus 8 premiered their music video called Together, I found it on Yahoo….


What did you think? I thought it was okay, it was cute enough.



Speaking of mom’s, do you watch Design Star? Did you see Michael Striebling’s reaction to getting kicked off last night (having his show cancelled). I couldn’t help but laugh, I know I have a mean streak. I can’t find a video of it… but I really do think that Tracee should have gone last night instead of Michael but he did completely miss the point of the challenge. Come on now she’s been in the bottom 2 for four weeks now. She is barely getting by in my book.


I saw the show Wipeout last night for the first time (it was a repeat of the very first show) and we laughed and laughed at all those people. It was definitely a fun show to watch. JT of course thinks he could do it. Doesn’t any and every man think that? I myself would never do that. But did you see the lady with her butt crack showing. We laughed till we almost cried when we saw her try to get through the qualifying course. The commentators on this show are hysterical. I think that if they didn’t say such funny things I would lose interest in the show pretty quickly. Okay I am very excited I found video, she’s at 3:48 the second contestant, ENJOY!!!. If you stick around long enough check out the British gal at 8:06, really what is with asking for everyone’s mommy while on TV.

I wonder if anyone will ever make it across those big balls? Here’s part two if you are interested. The first guy is a complete tool and really the gal at 4:41 is wishing she hadn’t looked like that on TV right now I am sure. GEEZ!!! This is why I will not be appearing on this show. I would rather laugh at these people than have them laugh at me. But the hosts and commentators I can’t say enough about, they crack me up.


Has anyone seen this Huggies commercial. It’s so funny. I saw it for the first time last night and I laughed so hard. The baby in this commercial is so stinkin cute.


Have a good day!!

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One thought on “Just some random stuff + videos

  1. Grand Rapids is lovely! This time of year, anyway 🙂

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