Firecracker Issues

   I love the Fourth of July. I love the color scheme, being patriotic, the festivities and I do really love fireworks (there so pretty and I am right along with everyone else in the ooh and aah department), as long as they are being performed at an event and not in my front yard or alley. Right now we are having a problem with some boys in our neighborhood. They love to walk up and down the sidewalks just talking but they will just stop in front of either our house or one of our neighbors house and just sit on our front lawns or our steps. They aren’t doing anything wrong and I don’t yell at them but jeez this irks the crap out of me and it’s starting to also bug the neighbors too. The worst part is the throwing of the fireworks in front of our houses and in our yards. Well yesterday it all came to a head when I saw them standing in our neighbors yard lighting a firework, they threw it backwards towards their house and ran. I saw my neighbor come out so I met him out there and was telling him what I saw. With that he goes down to the house where they hang out and they were throwing fireworks off of their balcony (this is about 7 guys hanging around, they intimidate me, apparently not him). He basically told them to not come down on our property and shoot off their fireworks that the next time we would call the police. We don’t care what they do in front of their house just don’t do it in front of ours. One gave him attitude and the other were nice enough.

Today we got home from running some errands and as we were parking they were walking up towards our house (no big deal), it’s a nice cool day out so I came in and opened our blinds and some front windows. Well three of them sat down on our neighbors front steps (breathe – they aren’t hurting anything – let it go). Their friend walks up and asks for something, he hands them a huge bag of firecrackers (the kind you light and they make a huge noise when they go off) so I watch to make sure. They walk away, good. I go about my opening of windows. Here they come again towards our house. They get one house away, one kid lights one and lauches it towards our steps, it goes off and so do I. I run down the stairs and open the door. I tell them in my nicest your not my kids voice: Guys come on not in front of my house, anywhere else, not here. They were very nice and said sorry, I said it’s fine this time just not in front of my house. One of them told me to have a nice day.

Now of course because they were so nice I feel like I should have explained myself more. With two toddlers and two dogs I don’t want any of them in danger at any time. I understand it’s a stupid little firecracker but the possibilities of bad things happening increases. Plus I really like my house and my stuff and would really prefer that it not catch on fire or any of my outside yard be damaged.

Unfortunately this is only the start of it, our neighborhood is really bad come Fourth of July. It’s illegal here in the city but not a single person cares about that. I wish I wasn’t so uptight about it but I just can’t help it (I sound so old). On the actual Fourth of July and for like a week after no one sleeps in our house. They fireworks keep my kids up and freak out my dog. From where we live you can even hear the downtown fireworks (they sound like thunder to the kids). So if I am uptight for the next two weeks bare with me.

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