Our Lake Trip in Pictures: Day Two

After what seemed like a bad night’s sleep for me (sleeping in the same bed with the children is never a good idea when you value your snooze time). My mom woke us up at 8:00 am and we went out and sat on the porch overlooking the lake. It was beautiful outside. We ate breakfast and went for another boat trip. It was very nice on the boat. Here are some pictures from that trip.

Uncle Na and L enjoying the shade on the boat. He’s such an attentive uncle.

 Poor L, the longer we were on the boat the more tired she got. Here we are just starting to lose her.


Even J got a little tired. Here they are on the floor of the boat. L is asleep, J is pretending.

Poor L she was just so tired.

What I think is a cool picture of my brother (he wasn’t posing).

Here’s a really short video I took on the boat. J is really cute how he’s waving to the camera. I could eat him up.

J never did sleep on the boat I think he was afraid of missing something. The wind was really bothering his eyes so I lent him my sunglasses. I love this picture. The hair is very stylish.

Here’s another cute picture of J. He cracks me up. Apparently this lifestyle suits him (except for the no nap part).

When we got back to the dock my mom and I took the kids out on the paddle boat, L had been bugging since we got there. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be.

My mom took the kids swimming one more time before we got cleaned up to leave.

Sadly we packed, got dressed, cleaned up the house and packed the car. It was time to head home. I could’ve stayed for another day it was so nice.

Here’s one last picture…

My kids really adore my mom!! So do I!!! Thanks mom and mom’s friend for a wonderful two days.


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