Just because

Just because I am enamored with my brother right now for helping me on our trip I’ve decided to list his top 10 wonderful traits & talents. Plus he reads my blog every once in a while 🙂 isn’t that a good enough reason.

  1. He always has time to give the kids a hug or to just play with them.
  2. He helps us out by watching our dogs for us when we leave for out of town.
  3. He can make anyone laugh.. if you ever meet him ask him to do his Ross Perot imitation (he’ll kill me for that one)
  4. He is a very talented artist but unfortunately he shakes.
  5. If you’re partiers, look no further for a good time.
  6. He treats JT like a brother.
  7. He’ll give you the shirt off his back, if he has one.
  8. He’s loyal to his friends and family.
  9. He’s polite and kind (nice).
  10. He has a great laugh and smile.

Wanna see some pictures? Okay just one (since my other posts were so full of pictures).

Isn’t he cute? Yeah, sorry ladies, he’s taken. He has a great girlfriend. Oh I almost forgot, he can also name all of the Wiggles (he tried to win us some concert tickets for J) and he knows the Caillou theme song. Could you ask for a better brother and/or uncle.

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